Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Meeting Schedule

Our  meetings are on "hold".  More details forthcoming.  In the meantime, feel free to call, text or email me.  Contact information on the right---- 

Sunday, May 7, 2017


We moved to Pinedale, Wyoming a few months ago. It was a shock to us when the Lord told us through the Holy Spirit to make this totally unexpected move.  About a month ago, I  (Judy) was told the next step--which, was to create a  Christ-centered "Friends and Family" Support Group for Addiction Recovery.  I was to write/re-write the "chapters" which loosely correspond to the 12-Step Addiction Recovery and Spouse and Family Support Programs sponsored by the LDS church. It was to be Non-denominational and not promote one religion over another.  Accept everyone who has a belief in Christ or who MIGHT have a belief some day. 
All of us are addicted to something in some degree.  Addictions include the obvious alcohol and drugs, along with gambling and smoking. They also include other things that may even be socially acceptable such as: over-eating, caffeine, diet drinks, shopping, spending, texting. Or how about adrenaline and high risk activities, sports events, video or even educational games, social media, or co-dependency?  In a nutshell, co-dependency is believing that our happiness and peace of mind are dependent on someone else's recovery or behavior. Many people have co-dependent behavior as a primary addiction.  
              I (Judy) have a brother who died suddenly at age 49 from the effects of several addictions including alcohol and tobacco.  I have another relative who lost his job, home and family from the effects of multiple addictions.  We now have several other family members who are struggling with addictions of one form or another.  It affects nearly every family in some way.  Men, women, boys, girls who struggle with addiction are not "those people".  They are your sons and daughters and their sweet companions.  They are your husbands and wives.  They are your grandchildren and their spouses.
           We expect to get a group going that meets physically (hopefully in the Pinedale library) once a week.  In the meantime, I have posted the 12 chapters.  They are a work in progress and we invite comments and questions.  We will read a chapter at a time and go over the discussion questions.  There will be time for individual sharing if desired.  It is perfectly okay just to listen.  Everything discussed in the meeting is confidential.
         95% of you are probably not in Wyoming…so, we invite you to participate by sharing your thoughts and stories and questions via email. All that is still confidential.    Anyone is welcome to use this material for their own group discussions.